Do I really Need a Newsletter?

Do I really Need a Newsletter – The answer to that is yes, yes you do.

I know a lot of us small business owners have a lot on our plates – we do all the jobs usually held by many other people – we are creators, service providers, bookkeepers, marketers, social media gurus, blog writers, content creators and so much more, not to mention all the other behind the scenes admin that goes on. The idea of adding yet another thing to your to-do list is daunting, uninspiring, and frankly too much of a hassle.


Newsletter email lists are YOURS! They are the way to keep in touch with your clients, and keep you in their thoughts.

Has anyone noticed all the glitches in social media lately? Not to mention the sudden drop in engagement, and a lot of people simply coming off of socials for a number of reasons. So, how to make contact with people? How do you keep the conversation going when everything is going haywire?

The answer is in the title of this article – newsletters. They don’t have to be fancy, they don’t have to be pushy, they just need to remind your list that you are there, you exist and are ready to help them when they need it.

I’m no copywriting expert, so I won’t pretend to even begin to tell you about how to write your letters, the content, frequency and all that – the thing I will tell you is that, more often than not, I just touch base with my list once a month, share a few bits about life and business, the latest blogs, and anything I am working on. That’s it!

Oh, and there is another thing too – your mailing list? It’s yours. The data you keep is for you, and does not go in the hands of the big social media companies, who can decide to shut down your page from one minute to the next, or might accidentally delete all your followers (which has happened before!). Once you grow your email list, you can always keep in touch with your clients, and just be there with them.

I hope that this article has helped you take that step forward into building your mailing list and adding yet another way to keep touch with your clients!