All about the Love

It is February. The month of love. Love it or hate it, love is on everyone’s mind this month. And it has been on mine too – but for me, it is not just romantic love, but love for myself, others, my pets, my business, and this beautiful planet. So this month, I am working hard on showing love in so many different ways:

  • I’m taking half term off to spend time with my children and be fully present
  • I’m sharing social media posts that help highlight the other amazing work that other business owners are doing
  • I’m doing my yoga lessons every week
  • I’ve scheduled in a networking meetup to show my business some love
  • I’m photographing for a personal project to help show women how incredible their bodies are
  • I plan to actually get some proper shut-eye
  • I’m going to make time for cuddles on the sofa with my husband, so he remembers who I am!
  • I’m taking branding photos and videos for another local photographer to help her showcase her business to others!

How are you showing love this month?